Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa may work in the North Pole, but he Parties in San Francisco!

Droves of Christmas cosplayers and holiday revelers descended on San Francisco yesterday to kick-off SantaCon 2011 - the annual gathering and pub crawl in which thousands of dressed-up Santas invade city streets causing what is affectionately referred to as“Santarchy.” 

And no one in the City was immune to the sea of crimson.  Whether you live in Polk Gulch, the Castrothe Haight or North Beach, Santa was visiting your neighborhood.  But none of these Santas were making a list, or checking it twice — although a few were ordering doubles.  No they were on a quest for the best libations.

Reports indicated that at least 1,000 Santa clad pub crawlers made their way through the City.  I live off the Polk Street area and for hours yesterday there was a continuous stream of Mr and Mrs Claus, a few elves and of course some reindeer.  And I'm sure Santa is feeling a little under the weather today but he has 14 days to cure that hangover!

This is an annual event, so if you missed attending yesterday, stay tuned for next year.  But keep in mind you'll probably need to be a bit naughty and a bit nice.

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